Western Content Shoot with Buffalo Jane

June 6, 2022

Photographer: High Pines Media

Model: Hannah Campbell (Buffalo Jane)

Turquoise/Sterling Silver Jewels: Turquoise Tuesday

Boots: Corral Boots

Dress: Vintage

Hat: Serratelli Hat Company

Leather Harness: TM Leather & Saddlery

Western Fashion Content Day in Denver, Colorado

It’s always refreshing in the world of running your own business to find others who are like-minded and just want to take a moment away from the hustle to be creative. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out as far as my other work lately and knew I just needed to let my creativity run wild so I can remember why I love being behind the camera so much. And a western fashion shoot day was exactly what I needed for that!

Insert Hannah Campbell (aka Buffalo Jane). We met at a retreat last year and have hit it off ever since. When I booked my trip in June to Red Rocks to see Turnpike Troubadours, I knew I needed to meet up with her so we could make some magic happen! Hannah is SO genuine and it was refreshing to work with someone so kind and true to themselves.

Turquoise Jewelry

You can’t have a western shoot without gorgeous turquoise jewelry. We are so grateful for the beautiful accessories that we got to incorporate into the day from Turquoise Tuesday! With stunning rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets we had so much fun layering everything together.

Leather Harness

The handmade leather harness from TM Leather & Saddlery was everything my western fashion dreams are made of. It was the perfect piece to layer over Hannah’s simple white dress and truly brought the whole outfit together

Styling Western Fashion Accessories

Sometimes the styling side of western fashion can feel a bit overwhelming. You see people with so many pieces that go together so well. But following others who do it so well, such as Hannah, will give you so much inspiration and places to shop from!


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